Negotiations Training Workshop

For Personal Injury Healthcare Providers

Learn the DISRUPTIVE method of lien negotiation

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Learn the DISRUPTIVE method of lien negotiation

During this two-day, interactive training workshop, Michael Coates, ESQ will be your lien negotiation master, showing how he has helped hundreds of healthcare providers win against the personal injury attorneys.

Let's solve your most pressing negotiation challenge together

Each attendee has the opportunity to submit and present their own real-world attorney challenge. We call this our Hot Seat. If selected, Michael will coach you on how to negotiate your way to success as an example that everyone learns from. Low ball offers, unpaid MedPay, late payments, etc.

When & Where

Friday, July 19, times are TBD

Saturday, July 20, times are TBD

Interactive Virtual Online Meeting

The workshop will be recorded and available for attendees for watch later.

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In this Virtual Training Workshop, You will Learn:

  • How to apply leverage over lawyers

  • Turning low ball offers into high profit results

  • Forcing MedPay and PIP turnovers, without attorney fee reductions

  • Using the right documentation to better position and protect you

  • Dealing with overly aggressive or abusive law firm staff

  • Using past losses to your advantage

  • Growing relationships while also being paid better

Are they an Analyst, Accommodator, or Assertive?

Knowing is a major factor in successful negotiations. Download the training tip "Knowing Your Law Firm Negotiation Counterpart," one of the topics we cover in the Negotiations Aikido training workshop.

Be sure to watch the video

Are any of these You?

If so, you need to attend:

  • You accept personal injury patients

  • PI attorneys still owe you money for current and past cases

  • You are low-balled when it comes time to get paid

  • You have MedPay or PIP issued on your bill withheld or reduced

  • You want to learn how to negotiate better with attorneys and their staff

  • You want to grow relationships while also being paid better in PI


Below are real-world examples of providers fighting back and winning

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Averaging 80%:

Before joining our program, a provider member was paid an average of only 52% on their PI accounts. After joining, their average pay jumped to 72% at the end of the first year, about 80% by the end of the second year, and a large number paid in full. That was double the gross revenues and a large multiple of the net revenues. Their relationships and new patient numbers also increased significantly. Now that’s a Business Advantage!

From 20% to most at or near 100%:

Another provider member had over 160 matters with a single law firm and was being paid only 20% of his bills. He was going to close his business if things didn’t change. After finding Michael, and being coached and supported, the provider turned the table completely around and was paid between 80% and 100% (full payment) on all the remaining matters. His practice was saved and since becoming a member, has expanded his business. Complete transformation from near despair and loss to excitement and huge success!

$60,000 additional neurologist surgical recovery:

A neurologist on a surgical matter received an extra $60,000 on top of the law firm’s original offer of $60,000, for a total of $120,000 doubling in a big way their payment, when the DISRUPTIVE Method was used with the law firm. Win goes to the neurologist!

$5,000 and $6,000 additional multi-disciplinary office two patient recovery:

A multi-disciplinary office with chiropractic, acupuncture and physical therapy treatments, on two bills of $12,979 and $12,953 with two different law firms, was offered only $4,100 and $5,000, respectively. Negotiations Aikido and the DISRUPTIVE method turned those offers into payments of $10,750 and $10,326, respectively, with both of these two law firms. Win goes to the multi-disciplinary office!

$21,750 additional pain physician and ASC invasive procedure recovery:

A pain physician was offered $11,000 on an invasive procedure for the combined ASC facility he owned and his surgeon fee, where a lien wasn’t even signed by the attorney. Applying Negotiations Aikido and the DISRUPTIVE Method, $29,475, nearly the full bill, was paid recovering an extra $21,750. Win goes to the pain physician and his surgical center!

$37,030 additional chiropractic group recovery (80% of combined lien total):

A chiropractor with 18 patient liens totaling $79,285 ($4,404 per patient) with one law firm, who had not paid with prior resolutions, sought aggressively to force acceptance of only $26,407 ($1,467 per patient), which was 34% of the full billed amounts. Thanks to Negotiations Aikido and the DISRUPTIVE Method on a group resolution and having used the “right” lien with far more protective wording, the law firm paid $63,437 ($3,524 per patient) which amounted to 80% of the full billed amounts. Win goes to the chiropractic office!

All examples and testimonials given reflect the real-life results. However, they represent individual results and vary from person- to-person, provider-to-provider, and business-to-business. We do not claim, nor should you assume, that any individual experience recounted is guaranteed, typical or representative of what any other person, business or medical provider might experience as all situations and players involved are unique.

Learn how to Negotiate and Win Against PI Attorneys

This training workshop is for all healthcare providers who accept patients on lien or letter of protection

How to Apply Leverage over Lawyers

Gain insight to law and facts you can use to your advantage when negotiating with attorneys and law firm staff.

Turning Lowball Offers into High Profit Results

Get strategies and tactics that reverse the negotiation table so losses become profits.

Forcing MedPay and PIP Turnover without Attorney Fee Reductions

Learn how to force turnover and protecting your patient’s financial interest at the same time, when attorneys get, keep and abuse MedPay and PIP issued on your bill.

Using the right documentation to position and protect you

Discover how the right medical lien agreement or LOP is one of your best leverages over lawyers, both positioning and protecting you, and giving you a negotiating advantage

Overcoming Abusive or Overly Aggressive Law Firm Staff

Identify the different negotiating character types and what works best and worst with each, including how to win over aggressive attorneys and their law firm staff out to take advantage of your hard work.

Using Past Losses to your Advantage

Unearth and use past losses to get an advantage with current bill reduction offers, and uncover the importance of tracking not only law firm results but how a PI case progresses to identify threats and take advantage of opportunities that can affect your negotiations positively or negatively.

Two Days of Negotiations: Strategy and Real-World Situations

First, you need to understand when and why to negotiate, and then you need to know how.

Friday, July , April 19th

Negotiation Basics & the DISRUPTIVE Method

Day 1 will cover the basics of being a negotiator and the DISRUPTIVE method for winning negotiations against personal injury attorneys and their staff. By the end of the 4 hours, you will have a much stronger understanding of how you negotiate with PI attorneys and win.

Saturday, July 20th

Real-World Situations & Hot Seats

During day 2, we will go into several common situations that healthcare providers deal with every day, trying to get fully paid for the personal injury medical services they provided weeks, months, or even years ago. Such as using past bills to help current/future bills, how to negotiate using the lien or LOP, how to argue against confidentiality assertions made by the attorney, forcing attorneys to turnover MedPay and PIP, and dealing with aggressive attorneys.

Each Attendee Will Receive

  • One Paid Ticket to Live Virtual Event

  • One Additional Ticket for an Employed Staff Member or Business Partner*

  • On-demand Access to Full Recording for 30 days

  • Guidebook: The 5-Step Negotiation Process

  • Handbook: the Formula for a High-Profit Practice

  • Hot Seat Opportunity – Submit Redacted Real-Life Matters and Get Coached Live**

  • Our One-Page Proprietary Lien when you Schedule a Business Advantage Program Discovery Call

  • Discounts for Future 2024 Negotiations Aikido Events

  • 100% Money Back Guarantee

  • * - Requires the same business email address.

  • ** - Hot Seats submissions are subject to review and qualification.

  • Money back guaranteed must be requested within 10 days of the attended training workshop

Bring a Business Partner, Office Manager, or Employed Back Office Staff Member

Attorneys have a team helping them, and so should you. We are inviting everyone who signs up to bring a business partner, office manager, or employed back office staff member at no additional cost. We have a few restrictions but we know that having two people participate in the negotiating process is going to result in higher payments and better results.

After you make your payment, we will reach out to you for information on the person you want us to invite. This offer may not last, so don't hesitate. If you would like more than two people to attend, please reach out to us at

[email protected]

Michael Coates, Esq.

Personal Injury Made Easy
Founder & President

Michael Coates is a highly experienced national authority in medical lien law and a recognized innovator, advocate, coach, instructor, and mentor in the field of lien management and negotiations.

For more than a decade, he’s helped hundreds of providers in thousands of matters recover millions of dollars in higher resolutions. In the process, he’s earned a singular reputation as a fearless advocate and defender of healthcare providers’ legal and business rights.

Now he’s sharing his system for becoming a Personal Injury Business Professional. Why? Because he believes medical providers like you deserve more. More pay. More transparency. More respect.

Personal Injury Made Easy gives medical offices and service providers in the personal injury space the business advantage. Our members learn how to be a value-driver for the good attorneys and how to out-negotiate the difficult ones. Our focus is on three areas of what we call the high-profit highway that is personal injury: the right processes, being profitably paid, and sustained growth.

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